Tim Willits Will Be Leaving id Software

id Software Studio Director Tim Willits has announced he is leaving the studio. While he won’t officially be leaving the developer until after QuakeCon 2019 wraps up, he’s already set his next destination.

Willits made the surprising announcement on Twitter, revealing he will be leaving id after 24 years working there:

Willits joined id in 1995, where he worked on some of id’s most iconic titles, including Quake. He eventually worked his way up to studio director, with his first title in the role being RAGE. He also worked on 2016’s critically-acclaimed DOOM reboot, which we called “brilliant.”

id’s most recent title was RAGE 2, which released in May 2019. The game, which was a co-production with Avalanche Studios, received mixed reviews at launch. Our own review called it “culmination of many gameplay tropes.” id has continued to support RAGE 2 in the months following launch, with an upcoming update bringing new game plus, among other features. In addition, a brand new expansion will be launching later in 2019.

The studio’s next game is DOOM Eternal, which will launch in November 2019. While Willits will be leaving the studio before DOOM Eternal releases, he assures fans id’s upcoming games “are in good hands.” In addition, his departure will not impact any of the current release schedules for the studio’s projects.

Willits already has his next destination set and will announce his plans at QuakeCon. As QuakeCon has become the de-facto Bethesda convention, we may see more information on the publisher’s newest titles, including DOOM Eternal and Tango Gameworks’ GhostWire: Tokyo, at the show, as well.