Hitman 2’s August Roadmap Teases New Content and the Homing Briefcase’s Return

Hitman 2‘s launch reintroduced Agent 47’s briefcase, but a glitch gave it a strange ability. 47 could incidentally use the briefcase as a homing device, taking out enemies when they least suspected it. Now the glitched briefcase is set to make a triumphant return, thanks to IO Interactive purposefully adding it as a part of the August roadmap of new content.

The content coming to Hitman 2 in August is all very exciting. In fact, two pieces of content are already out in the wild, an Escalation Contract and a Legacy Elusive Target in the form of the Chameleon. August 8th, however, will bring the real treat. No longer is the glitched briefcase from launch a glitch. It’s now a full blown unlock, set to arrive next week as the Homing Briefcase.

According to IO’s blog post on the August roadmap, the Homing Briefcase’s throwing speed has undergone a few tweaks for “maximum style.” It also bears a new look, courtesy of MK II upgrades. Yes, its supposed primary function is still for smuggling items, but clearly weaponizing it as a throwable is far more captivating.

The following weeks will also see two more Escalation Contracts and Legacy Elusive Targets enter into the mix. Later in the month on August 26th, IO will host IOI Monthly #6, a livestream for Hitman-centric news and developer insights. On August 27th, Expansion Pass holders will receive access to the Smart Casual Pack, which adds a new suit and two additional items to 47’s inventory. That same day will see a new game update go live, filled with improvements, bug fixes, and additional tweaks that better the overall experience.

For a full rundown of everything coming to Hitman 2 over the course of the next few weeks, check out IO’s graphic for the August roadmap below:

Hitman 2 August Roadmap

Dive into Agent 47’s latest adventures in Hitman 2, out now for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

[Source: IO Interactive]