Hazelight Studios Announces A Way Out Sales Milestone Was Reached

A Way Out Has Hit Another Sales Milestone

Hazelight Studios’s co-op game, A Way Out, is certainly looking like a success. It has now sold over two million copies. The announcement also contained a note of thanks to the fans and a hint at things to come. Apparently, another upcoming Hazelight game will also involve cooperative multiplayer.

Here is Hazelight’s tweet sharing the milestone.

As for that next title, very little is known about it. Joseph Fares, Creative Director at Hazelight Studios, did speak briefly about what players could expect from the studio’s upcoming game at Gamelab Barcelona 2019. Fares did not provide any specific details about its story, gameplay, or characters, but it has been confirmed that it will not be a sequel to existing titles like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons or A Way Out.

In another interview from that same event, Fares expressed his opinions about the negative outlook that he feels the community has when it comes to linear games. He said that he feels that both linear and open world video games have an important place in the industry, and that there shouldn’t be any negativity surrounding linear ones. If this new sales milestone is anything to go off of, maybe people don’t have as much of a negative view on linear games as Fares thought they did.

Were you a fan of A Way Out? Are you excited to see what the studio’s next co-op game will be? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

[Source: Twitter]