Street Fighter V Shadow Lady

Fight Against Shadow Lady Chun-Li in Street Fighter V for a Limited Time

For a limited time only, you’ll have a chance to battle it out against the formidable Shadow Lady Chun-Li in Street Fighter V Arcade Edition. First appearing in Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes as a secret fighter, Shadow Lady is an alternate form of Chun-Li, but with a dark twist. Her appearance in Street Fighter V Arcade Edition will take place until August 18, 2019 as part of an optional Extra Battle.

As announced via the official Street Fighter Twitter page, the Shadow Lady boss battle will be tough, and is only intended for veteran players.

Shadow Lady fights similarly to her Chun-Li counterpart, sharing many of the same attacks from her moveset. Although, Shadow Lady also has her own moves, like the Rainbow Missile, the Miracle Drill, and the Plasma Barrier, among others. Much like the Shadow character, Shadow Lady was captured by M. Bison and altered, giving her enhancements that improved her power.

Her inclusion in Street Fighter V seems to have generated some criticism from the community, however. Many players are turned off by the fact that it costs in-game currency to face her, and with her unrelenting difficulty, it could get very expensive to achieve victory. In addition, some expressed disappointment with the reward given for defeating Shadow Lady. Still, the overall reception to her inclusion seems to be generally positive.

Aside from Shadow Lady’s inclusion, you can look forward to more Street Fighter V content in the coming months, like Season 3’s additional fighters.

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