Captain America’s Secret Empire-Inspired Suit Unveiled for Marvel’s Avengers

Remember that time Captain America was revealed to have been an undercover agent for Hydra all along, and people of the internet fiercely expressed their anger? Good times. Great suit. This all came about in 2017’s Secret Empire event, and Cap’s suit from said event will soon see a return in some capacity, minus a sleeper agent Captain America. In Marvel’s Avengers, a Secret Empire-inspired outfit will be one of the unlockable designs for the hero.

To get a good look at what Cap’s Secret Empire attire looks like in the world of Marvel’s Avengers, check out the video below:

For some of the extra outfits, players will need to unlock them in-game. Meanwhile, others will be purchasable via online storefronts. How exactly this will all play out remains to be seen. This is especially interesting since each suit in Marvel’s Spider-Man, including those released post-launch, were available free of charge. But different publishers, different rules.

Captain America’s Secret Empire suit’s unveiling serves as but another glimpse into the character’s presence in Marvel’s Avengers. Recent tidbits of information have called his sacrifice on A-Day into question. Another brief look at the hero teased just how robust his combat capabilities will be, especially when compared to some of his fellow Avengers. A different rundown dove into the game’s special attacks, better known as Heroics. Each of the five heroes will have access to three types of Heroic abilities: Support, Assault, and Ultimate. We’ve already gotten hints at what to expect from Captain America. Hopefully, other characters will get similar analyses.

Marvel’s Avengers is slated to launch next year on May 15, 2020 for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. Apparently, Square Enix has plans to release a Collector’s Edition, which will feature a statue of Captain American from Gentle Giant. Details on this front have not yet been fully announced.

[Source: Marvel Entertainment]