Here’s How You Can Get Your Hands on the Creepy Death Stranding Instagram Filter

To celebrate Death Stranding, Instagram user vdvchnk has created a creepy filter, allowing you to cry black tears in the rain like some of the game’s characters (most notably Mads Mikkelsen’s Cliff Unger and Troy Baker’s Higgs, though with the shoulder bling, it’s leaning towards Higgs). You might have already seen people online with the filter, but here’s how you can look like a Death Stranding character, thanks to the all-new Instagram filter.

You’ll need an Instagram account in order to use the filter, so download the app and sign up if you haven’t already. Then click a link to immediately open that filter in the app and capture your true self.

Here’s the filter in action, courtesy the creator himself:

While Death Stranding has been somewhat polarizing in terms of critical reception, we absolutely loved it here at PSLS, praising its message, story, online interactions, and sheer level of weirdness. But we aren’t alone.

The Game Awards 2019 features Death Stranding as a nominee in nine categories, including Best Narrative and Game of the Year. Now, if it takes home all nine awards remains to be seen, but even being nominated for so many puts it ahead of the rest of the year’s games.

Elsewhere, the EMEAA sales chart ranked Death Stranding as the second best-selling game during the week of its debut, trailing only behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. We’ll have to see where it ends up on the North American charts when November 2019’s NPD results come in.

For now, you can show off your love of Death Stranding with the all-new filter, courtesy of Instagram and vdvchnk (forgive the messy hair).