Future Telltale Games Will Be Completed in Full Before the First Episode Launches

Though the current Telltale is under new management, vestiges of the company’s storytelling legacy remain. As previously confirmed, future Telltale titles will have an episodic structure overall. However, the jury’s still out on whether the games will release episodically or drop all at once. One thing is clear, though, the new Telltale won’t follow the former company’s development model. For example, if The Wolf Among Us 2 is released one episode at a time, all five will be complete before fans get their hands on the first part.

The studio’s CEO Jamie Ottilie shared this interesting tidbit with GameDaily.biz during a recent interview. He told the publication, “we are creating the stories episodically, but how they will be released is still to be determined. I think the important distinction here is that we will no longer be developing episodically. If we do release the game in episodes, all of them will be ready before the first one hits the store.”

What Ottilie has described is in direct contrast to the way in which Telltale originally functioned. When the first episode of The Wolf Among Us released, for instance, other episodes were still in development. Dontnod creates Life is Strange in the same fashion, citing a desire to see reviews and fan reactions as one reason for such a setup. This development model typically means the wait between episodes can be quite lengthy.

During The Game Awards, The Wolf Among Us 2 received a surprise announcement. For now, the sequel lacks a release date, but it most certainly will not launch in 2020.

[Source: GameDaily.biz]