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Live Selections Removed From Resident Evil 3 Remake in Order to ‘Tell a Consistent Story’

Capcom producer Peter Fabiano has said that Resident Evil 3‘s remake won’t feature the original’s timed decision-making system, live selections, in order to “tell a consistent story.”

“The live selections were something that was included in the original Resident Evil 3. You know, they didn’t have much development time and there were challenges that they had to face,” Fabiano explained. “So one of the solutions they came up with to give the game some replayability was to add the live selections. In this case, the director really just wanted to tell a consistent story and so that’s why we decided to go with the one story with Resident Evil 3 [remake].”

Fabiano previously confirmed that the remake won’t feature multiple endings and Mercenary mode either.

Elsewhere in the interview, Fabiano discussed why Jill’s character is being expanded for the upcoming release. He said:

The director really wanted to show that Jill is a character that has the wherewithal to get through all situations. One of those situations, for example, is the Drain Deimos which makes an updated return in Resident Evil 3. When attacked by one of these, Jill risks getting infected with parasites which she must proceed to remove from herself by inducing vomiting. At its core, it is survival horror, right? And we want to keep those elements in there and [show] that Jill can get through these really hard situations.

In development for three years, Resident Evil 3‘s remake will release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on April 3rd.

[Source: IGN]

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