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Resident Evil 3’s Remake Won’t Feature Multiple Endings or Mercenaries Mode

While Resident Evil 3‘s upcoming remake will expand upon a number of things, Capcom is also dropping some of the original’s features. Notably, the remake will not include multiple endings. Moreover, the Mercenaries mode has been tossed aside. In sharing what the team has cut back on, however, developers further outlined what the remake stands to gain. For example, like Brad Vickers, fans should expect a more robust role from Carlos Oliveira this time around.

Issue 171 of Official PlayStation Magazine features an interview with producer Peter Fabiano. Asked if the RE3 remake will include multiple endings like its 1999 counterpart, Fabiano simply answered “no.” This, of course, raises myriad questions about how the overall story will conclude. Fabiano didn’t divulge much else on this front.

Another of Resident Evil 3’s original features that Capcom dropped is the Mercenaries minigame. In the original, players unlocked the mode by simply finishing the game. From there, they took on the role UBCS soldiers to save lives and rid Raccoon City of zombies. It seems the mode is getting the axe to make room for Resident Evil Resistance, the remake’s 4v1 multiplayer component.

Fans of Carlos Oliveira have plenty to look forward to, though. Fabiano told Official PlayStation Magazine the Umbrella mercenary “will have his own interesting section to play through.” Resident Evil 3’s original release saw Carlos’ story converge with Jill’s during the outbreak in Raccoon City. How this might evolve in the remake is sure to spark intrigue.

Jump into a new experience with Resident Evil 3 when the remake comes to the PS4, PC, and Xbox One on April 3rd.

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