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Trials of Mana Demo Goes Live Tomorrow, Save Data Can Be Transferred to Full Game

Ahead of Trials of Mana’s April release, Square Enix plans to unleash a free demo. PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam players can get their hands on the action-RPG’s remake starting tomorrow, March 18th, in a demo featuring the title’s opening chapter. In addition, all who play the trial will get to transfer their save data to the main game when it arrives.

Trials of Mana’s official Japanese Twitter account shared the news with fans in a post last night. The demo will allow players to start from the game’s beginning, where the main character selects their choice of party members. According to Gematsu, the demo should come to a close with the Fullmetal Hugger boss fight.

Square Enix has also permitted a number of outlets to share Trials of Mana gameplay footage. GameSpot, for instance, recently posted a 30-minute video, showcasing the title’s opening segments and a boss fight. Gematsu shared similar gameplay footage.

Square Enix announced a remake for Seiken Densetsu 3, now known as Trials of Mana, during a Nintendo Direct last summer. The upcoming release will mark the first time this particular entry in the long-running series has launched in Western territories. As a remake, Trials of Mana will not merely improve upon the original release’s visuals. Fans should also anticipate an overhauled combat system, as well as a revamp to the way in which skills and progression function.

Trials of Mana hits store shelves next month on April 24th for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam platforms.

[Source: Seiken_PR on Twitter via Gematsu]