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Rumor: Insomniac’s Next Spider-Man Will Include Venom, Carnage, and New Swinging Mechanics

More rumors have surfaced online concerning Insomniac’s next Spider-Man adventure. This batch comes from Reddit’s GamingLeaksAndRumours portal, its post authored by a throwaway account cleverly named Utopianthrowaway90. The account’s claims, which presently remain unsubstantiated, allege a Marvel’s Spider-Man sequel will launch in late 2021 on PlayStation 5. Furthermore, the rumor suggests a host of new characters are on the cards, such as Venom, Carnage, and Mysterio.

Note: Spoilers for the first Marvel’s Spider-Man release follow.

Supposedly, Utopianthrowaway90 received this information from their “contact” who’s familiar with the sequel’s development. The leak outlines the rumored details in a long list, alleging that Insomniac’s follow-up will take place during the winter, five to six months after the first game’s events. Peter Parker, then, is still mourning Aunt May’s death. While he lives with Mary Jane, she doesn’t appear much in the narrative’s first act.

Like the first installment, the new entry will offer nothing short of a complete single-player experience. No multiplayer components will be added. What fans should expect to see added, according to the rumor, are Queens and Brooklyn. To accommodate these areas, Insomniac is implementing new swinging mechanics for “low building traversal.”

New villains will appear, too, courtesy of super soldier cloning experiments gone wrong by Oscorp. As teased in the first game’s post-credits scenes, Harry Osborne will become Venom. However, Utopianthrowaway90 claims Insomniac intends to subvert expectations on this particular front. The studio further plans to introduce Spider-Man rogues Carnage and Mysterio to its burgeoning universe, as well as Eddie Brock. The latter will serve as a “major character” throughout the narrative.

Miles Morales will return as a playable character for certain sections, again. However, Insomniac continues to toy with the idea of letting players free roam as him. Apparently, the system that’s currently in place mirrors that of Batman: Arkham Knight, wherein players switch to other Bat-family characters. Utopianthrowaway90 doesn’t specify whether this refers to Arkham Knight’s Dual Play Combat mechanic, which lets players switch between, say, Batman and Nightwing on the fly during combat.

The Redditor’s source additionally made note of a new “Web-Chain” mechanic. With it, Spidey can “chain together web ‘zips,’ so when you reach a point, he immediately zips to the next and so on.” Web-swinging itself has allegedly received an overhaul. The animations, for instance, will be much more varied, meaning players won’t repeatedly see the same animations. To accomplish this, Insomniac is bringing the swing release animations from the PS4 title and adding many more. Reportedly, the studio has two animators devoted to working exclusively on swinging release animations.

Moreover, the rumor asserts Insomniac’s sequel will feature three swing modes–Realistic, Arcade and Hybrid. While the names aren’t final, their basic functions seem set in stone. Realistic is “very Spider-Man 2-esque,” meaning it relies on pure physics. Arcade mode offers “fake assistance.” Finally, Hybrid combines the two for something that will feel akin to the PS4 entry’s mechanics.

While much of this certainly sounds feasible, it’s worth remembering these are mere rumors. As such, they should be taken with a grain of salt.

[Source: Reddit]