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Survival Adventure ‘Windbound’ and Co-Op Action Game ‘Biped’ Headed to the PS4

Sony has announced several indie games set for release on the PlayStation 4 this year.

Developer 5 Lives Studios and publisher Deep Silver will release their beautiful survival adventure, Windbound, on August 28th. The game takes players to the Forbidden Islands as Kara, a warrior separated from her tribe after being caught up in a storm. There, Kara must use her skills to survive as she unravels the islands’ many mysteries.

Crafting weapons and developing strategies to deal with adversaries are at the core of the adventure.

On April 8th, NExT Studios’ will release its robotic co-op action-adventure, Biped. Already out on PC, Biped is set on Earth in an alternate dimension where there are no humans and little robots have built planetary facilities. As the Earth’s light beacons are mysteriously switched off, it’s up to the bipeds to restore them.

Biped features co-op missions, solo missions, and “extra hard pro missions.”

Elsewhere, Surgical Scalpels Studio announced that its first-person space shooter Boundary will release on the PS4 and PC this year. First unveiled in 2016 as a PS VR game, Boundary is billed as a “simulative, low-orbit environment shooter” that features zero gravity combat. You’ll play as an armed astronaut (or AO) with multi-role combat abilities.

“We are trying to build a believable world in which aerospace technology and modern military weapons are integrated together,” wrote Surgical Scalpels. “We approached development from the perspective, ‘If man engaged in conflict in outer space, what would it look like?'”

Boundary doesn’t have a release date yet.