pistol whip psvr release date

Shoot Your Way Through Pistol Whip’s Upbeat World on PSVR Starting This July

Earlier this year, developer Cloudhead Games announced plans to bring Pistol Whip to PlayStation VR. Now PSVR players can mark down exactly when they’ll begin rhythmically making their way through the action-packed world. Pistol Whip comes to Sony’s VR device next month on July 28th.

In addition to PSVR launch details, the studio shared a roadmap of its plans for Pistol Whip throughout the remainder of 2020. One stop on the roadmap involves “Heartbreaker,” a free content update that will add three brand-new songs. Apparently, these tracks are geared towards “the lovers.” The overall vibe of the extra tracks is “chilled out action,” featuring three abstract levels, water guns for weapons, and achievements/trophies, and two modifiers. PC and Oculus Quest players will gain access to “Heartbreaker” in August, while PSVR players can look forward to it at a later date.

Another update, “The Concierge,” is slated for a late 2020 roll out. According to Upload VR, this will serve as Pistol Whip’s most massive new content release to date. “The Concierge” counts as a two-part update, intended to mark a “whole new era for Pistol Whip.” It will introduce new scenes, fresh enemy types, and additional weapon types, all encompassed in what Cloudhead describes as a “cinematic action campaign.”

Check out a look at Pistol Whip’s content roadmap for the rest of 2020 in the graphic below:

pistol whip psvr release date

Clearly, PSVR fans are in for a treat. Pistol Whip’s breakneck action essentially provides the same experience as action movie trailers, but in an interactive setting. The object is to shoot, perform clever moves, and perfectly time attacks, all while staying on the game’s kinetic beat.

[Source: Cloudhead Games via Upload VR]