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Two Far Cry 6 Cinematic Trailers Confirm Release Date, Interview With Giancarlo Esposito About Playing Anton

After leaking earlier this week, Far Cry 6 got not one, but two trailers during the Ubisoft Forward event. The first was a stylish title sequence, hinting at some of the themes and highlighting the many actors who took part in creating the upcoming game. The second is a cinematic trailer showing Giancarlo Esposito’s Anton with the child many assume will grow up to be Far Cry 3’s Vaas. He gives him a speech about leading the country being like a grenade and needing a firm grip to prevent it from exploding. The trailer concludes revealing the previously leaked release date of February 18, 2021. You can watch both trailers below.

Far Cry 6 Title Sequence Trailer

This trailer’s biggest reveals are in the multiple actors that will be playing roles in Far Cry 6’s story, as well as giving a good idea about the aesthetic style Far Cry 6 is going for.

Far Cry 6 Cinematic Reveal Trailer

While we don’t get any gameplay at all, or even an idea of what the player’s origin story within the game will be, it does give us a great look at Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito as Anton, and his regime leading the country of Yara with an iron fist. It also hints that Far Cry 6 could feature a bigger city environment than previous games in the series have, though the previous title sequence open with an alligator obviously indicates there will be a natural environmental threat as well. The cinematic trailer is the same one that leaked earlier today. There’s now word on when we’ll finally get a look at gameplay, but Ubisoft promises the publisher will be back with another Ubisoft Forward in the future, and it’s likely we could start seeing actual gameplay there.

Ubisoft also published a short interview with Esposito about playing Anton. You can watch it below:

Far Cry 6 is coming February 18th, 2021.