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Another False Start, the Uncharted Movie Hasn’t Actually Begun Shooting Just Yet

Earlier today it was reported that Tom Holland had started his first day of shooting as Nathan Drake on the long awaited and oft delayed Uncharted movie. However, it looks like this news may be yet another false start for the film that never seems like it will get made. A Sony representative commented to IGN that Uncharted film production has not started yet, clarifying that preparations are underway and they’re “hoping to start soon.”

Tom Holland isn’t exactly known for keeping secrets under wraps. The Spider-Man actor notoriously leaked elements of Marvel Cinematic Universe films during interviews and it became somewhat of a meme that he tended to reveal privileged information with a bit of a reckless abandon. Today’s report came as Holland posted a picture to Instagram of the back of his actor’s chair that reads “Nate” with a caption saying “Day one. #Uncharted.” Many took that to mean that day one of filming was either underway or already completed, a major milestone for the film that’s faced countless roadblocks in the last half a decade.

It’s not entirely clear why Holland posted the image then, if according to Sony, filming has not yet begun. Production was originally set to begin earlier this year but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. No additional timeline updates have been provided by Sony just yet for what “hoping to start soon” actually means. It seems like this may have been a case of Holland once again being a little too excited and oversharing something he wasn’t supposed to.

Venom and Zombieland director Reuben Fleischer is set to direct the Uncharted film, which will also star Mark Wahlberg as Sully. At one point years back, Wahlberg was attached to the film as the actor for Nathan Drake, which shows just how long this movie’s song and dance has been going on. Currently the film is slated for a July 2021 release, though film production and release schedules are notoriously unreliable as the world continues dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. We’re looking to Sony now, waiting for the company to give the thumbs up when production begins on the Uncharted movie, as it will be the farthest along the film has ever gotten and show real promise of it finally coming out soon.