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Tom Holland Begins First Day of Shooting for the Uncharted Film

Filming for the Uncharted movie was supposed to begin this spring. Due to coronavirus, the production schedule was delayed, resulting in the film’s release date getting shifted around. Things are looking up, though. Tom Holland, who’ll assume the role of a younger Nathan Drake, is officially on set and shooting.

The actor recently took to Instagram, sharing a photo of his chair with “Nate” emblazoned across it. A simple caption accompanies the image, “Day one #uncharted.” See a screenshot of Holland’s post below, courtesy of the Fandom Twitter account:

This seems the first step in this project finally getting off the ground. Rumblings about an Uncharted film began about a decade ago, when Mark Wahlberg was still young enough to play Drake. The project’s been in and out of development hell for so long that the actor is now old enough to bring Sully to the big screen.

Renewed talks about an Uncharted film first began in 2017 with the casting of Tom Holland. Since then, it’s been one major setback after another. Numerous directors and scriptwriters have joined the project, only to exit several months thereafter. In early 2019, for instance, 10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg joined to helm the film. He left in August 2019 for reasons unknown. Bumblebee’s Travis Knight filled the position the following month, but a scheduling conflict led to his departure. Now it’s Venom and Zombieland director Reuben Fleischer who sits in the director’s chair.

If all goes according to plan, Uncharted will finally swing into theaters in July 2021.

[Source: Tom Holland on Instagram via Fandom on Twitter]