ghost of tsushima official merchandise

Go Ghost With a Plethora of New Ghost of Tsushima Official Merchandise

We’re mere hours from the launch of Ghost of Tsushima, and with that comes the most important thing of all: Sweet, sweet merchandising opportunities. Yes, what would the release of perhaps the last big studio, AAA developed game of the PlayStation 4 be without plenty of stuff with the game’s logo on it? You’re in luck, as Sony announced the arrival of all the Ghost of Tsushima official merchandise one could ask for. Funkos, hoodies, insanely-expensive figures and statues, art books and backpacks. The gang’s all here and ready to take your dollar bills, y’all.

ghost of tsushima official merchandise

This isn’t the first time Sony has taken its big-name release and plastered its logo on top of some gear, but all the same, that Ghost of Tsushima logo looks pretty good on a hoodie. About the merch release, Sucker Punch Communications Manager Andrew Goldfarb says “Along with our friends at Funko, we’re happy to reveal two versions of Jin Sakai Funko Pop! Vinyl figures! Both versions measure approximately 3.75 inches tall and feature Jin outfitted in his Ghost Armor, complete with his deadly katana and tanto. You can get the original Jin Sakai figure or get a variant with blood spatter at GameStop.” So, just in case you have an urge for a Funko of Jin and can’t wait the four months to pick one out of the giant pile of them on discount at your local Gamestop, then here you go.

But wait, there’s more! Sucker Punch has also collaborated with comics publisher Dark Horse to bring the fans an art book for the game, with “more than 200 pages full of concept art, storyboards, and more from throughout the development of Ghost of Tsushima, as well as commentary and insight from our team.” Games tend to get their fair share of art books and this one’s beautiful cover is sure to stand out on your bookshelf.

There are more goodies to be found through the link, so keep an eye out on all this Ghost gear and prepare yourself for the game’s release a mere few hours from now. After all, it isn’t enough to just play the game, you must wear the game as well. Consume, damnit!