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Report: DualSense Has Nearly Twice the Battery Capacity of the Original DualShock 4

One major complaint that continues to plague PlayStation 4 is the DualShock 4‘s embarrassingly low battery life. Compared to its competitors, the PS4 gamepad doesn’t hold a charge for very long. Hopes are high that PS5’s DualSense won’t suffer the same fate; however, there exists no official word on the new controller’s battery life. One person who’s gone hands-on with the device is shedding some light on the matter, though. Reportedly, DualSense’s battery is nearly twice as powerful as that of the original DualShock 4.

Twitter user Galaxy666 shared a few photos showcasing their time with the DualSense. This person claims they work for a company that “design[s] and provide[s] accessories for console manufacturers such as Sony and Microsoft…”

As noted in the above tweet, the DualSense’s battery capacity totals 1560mAh. Galaxy666 later explained that the original DualShock 4 model available at launch ran on a mere 800mAh. Later models of the controller were supposedly boosted to about 1000mAh. With all of this in mind, it doesn’t seem like a significant increase. But perhaps this means there’s room for improvement down the line, especially since the DualSense will receive software updates.

Of note, the capacity of the battery does not necessarily directly equate to battery life, as each device has myriad functions that use the battery power. While the smaller 1000mAh battery in the DualShock 4 usually lasts from 4-8 hours, the 1300mAh battery in the Nintendo Switch Pro controller can get up to 40 hours. That doesn’t mean we’ll be looking forward to 50+ hour of life on the 1560mAh DualSense. The increased battery may simply be to handle the new power-hungry features like adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. Galaxy666’s “short test” with the DualSense doesn’t give us any indication of what the actual battery life may be.

The hunger for more PS5-related news persists. With Microsoft recently confirming that Xbox Series X will launch in November, PlayStation fans patiently await Sony’s confirmation of something similar. According to a report from Bloomberg, the manufacturer’s next big PS5 announcement is “tentatively scheduled” for this month.

[Source: Galaxy666 on Twitter via VG247]