Yo-kai Watch Crossover Event Returns to Final Fantasy XIV With New Minions, Mounts, and Weapons

Remember Yo-Kai Watch? While its time in the sun here in the United States came and went, the creature collection franchise that once rivaled Pokemon is still going strong in Japan. Featured in commercials, on snacks, and on buses, the ghost-snatching good times of Yo-Kai Watch know no bounds. That reach continues on as the Yo-Kai Watch in-game event returns to Final Fantasy XIV starting today. Initially announced as part of the patch 5.3 Reflections in Crystal update, the “Gather One, Gather All!” event features new rewards that include weapons, new mounts, and (of course) new minions from the Yo-kai Watch series to trot alongside you on your adventures.

Running today and until the release of patch 5.4, the event kicks off with a quest-giver in the capital of Ul’dah for characters level 15 and up that have completed their initial Envoy quest. The event features a wealth of content to collect and play, including special FATE public events, over 15 collectible minions, and weapons that require players to equip specific minions that match the weapon being sought.

Players looking to do the FATE events will need a Stormblood expansion key on their account to take part. Additional weapons have been added since the event last ran in 2016/2017, with weapons now available for samurai, red mage, gunbreaker, and dancer. Honestly, there’s a lot to take in here, and it’s fantastic to see the launch of a new patch coincide with the kind of silly event that Final Fantasy XIV does so well. Honestly, for those only on a trial account thanks to the expansive new update, this could potentially convince many, including myself, to make the jump into a full subscriber.

So, get out there, collect some medals, and find all the Yo-kai you can find until the event ends with the release of the next patch update.