Rumor: Ubisoft May Announce Prince of Persia Remake at Next Week’s Ubisoft Forward

A recent listing on a Guatemalan retailer’s website stoked excitement about a potential Prince of Persia remake. Now rumor has it that Ubisoft plans to announce the project during the next Ubisoft Forward, which is scheduled for September 10th.

These details come courtesy of Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, who spoke at length about Ubisoft in yesterday’s episode of the Triple Click Podcast. During the show (check the -32:30 mark in the player), Schreier noted the following,

“…they had been planning a new Ubisoft Forward… where they were going to announce a bunch of games like the Prince of Persia remake that was leaked a couple of weeks ago. That [event] is planned, it was announced today as being for next week, September 10th.”

Throughout this year, there’s been no shortage of Prince of Persia-related news. However, none of it has fans of the franchise brimming with excitement. The first of such instances took place back in March, where a Prince of Persia event ran for a limited time in For Honor. Footage of a cancelled game surfaced not too long thereafter, then was later followed by the announcement of an on-site VR Escape Room, The Dagger of Time. Suffice it to say, news of a remake would undoubtedly please may a fan.

According to Schreier, the real question is whether or not Ubisoft will address the drama surrounding Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad. This particular matter revolved around a video for the mobile title that many considered insensitive towards the Black Lives Matter movement. Might the publisher make mention of it or avoid the topic altogether, as it did with the abuse allegations during its UbiForward event in July? We’ll know in less than one week’s time.

Ubisoft plans to host its second Ubisoft Forward digital showcase next week on September 10th.

[Source: Triple Click Podcast via Pure Xbox, Reddit]