Outriders DLC Expansions

Any Outriders DLC Will be Significant Expansions With Self-Contained Stories, Game is Complete at Launch

People Can Fly’s Outriders is a complete game at launch, with no current plans for DLC. However, in an interview with Forbes, Creative Director Bartek Kmita said that any future DLC the team created for the game would be “significant expansions with self-contained stories”.

Despite shying away from the live-service model, Kmita assures players they’re not just going to abandon the game. They fully intend to “be doing more things in the Outriders universe” as long as players remain interested in it:

We never said that we would abandon the game. This isn’t a games-as-a-service, but if people like it, we will definitely be doing more things in the Outriders universe. We have so many more stories to tell, and a lot of ideas we want to explore that we couldn’t fit in the original game, so we’re happy to create more content in the future. Anything we would make would be in the form of significant expansions with self-contained stories.

The title has certainly proven popular since its launch on April 1. While console figures are not available, the game has become Square Enix’s biggest ever Steam launch. Outriders has already peaked at 111,953 simultaneous players on the PC platform. This is just over 2.5 times the publisher’s previous best, which was Rise of the Tomb Raider at 44,588 simultaneous players. The game has dwarfed Marvel’s Avengers, which has only managed a peak of 31,165 players.

This is likely to be because of the buzz generated by the demo. The extremely successful demo has been downloaded by over two million players who clocked up more than 9.5 million hours of playtime between them. To discourage the cheating they witnessed during that time, the team is branding cheaters with a “discreet but visible watermark” and they won’t be allowed to mix with legitimate players, helping to provide a level playing field.

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