New PS5 System Software Update Out Now, ‘Improves System Performance’

There’s a new PS5 system software update, but don’t get too excited for a range of new features or quality of life fixes. The latest PS5 update is simply one offering improved system performance.

Designated PS5 Update 21.01- (because the days of PS4 update x.xx didn’t have enough zeroes and decimals, apparently), the patch notes for this latest PS5 system software update just say “This system software update improves system performance.”

ps5 system software update patch notes

Earlier this month, Sony released a major PS5 system software update that allowed players to use external hard drives as cold storage for their PS5 games. It also had a number of other smaller features, such as better vibration when playing PS4 games via backwards compatibility and resolving the loud disc-spinning issues that some players were experiencing.

This isn’t the first stability/performance update that’s been released for the PS5, and certainly not the first in the PlayStation family of consoles, which has been an ongoing meme since the days of the PS3. While it may not have anything on the surface to get excited about, this is Sony working behind the scenes to makes sure that players’ experiences with the console are smooth and relatively bug free. These updates often also pave the way for the bigger updates with exciting new features.

The big update that most players are waiting for is the enabling of the PS5’s SSD expansion slot to give players more storage space for PS5 games. While you can now offload some games to external drives, the games can’t be played on those hard drives due to slower speeds and connection protocols with the USB connection. The PS5 currently houses less than 700GB of usable storage (667GB, to be exact). With games like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War eating up nearly 200GB alone, and more games releasing constantly (the upcoming Returnal is over 50GB), PS5 SSD storage is a precious commodity. Previously rumored and now confirmed by Sony, that SSD expansion bay update should be arriving sometime later this summer.

[Source: Reddit]