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Death Stranding Director’s Cut for PS5 Revealed With a Metal Gear Solid-Inspired Trailer

Death Stranding is coming to PS5, but this isn’t your standard new-gen upgrade. Death Stranding Director’s Cut will bring the divisive Hideo Kojima title to PS5, and while it’s unknown yet what more could be added, the reveal trailer does feature a pretty great callback to Metal Gear Solid. Revealed by Hideo Kojima today on Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live, the trailer sees Sam Bridges in a room with patrolling enemies, and a trademark box that the delivery man considers before deciding against it.

Watch the Death Stranding Director’s Cut trailer, with a Metal Gear Solid tease, below.

In the trailer, we see Sam enter a bunker full of patrolling enemies. The camera angles and pans in classic Metal Gear Solid fashion. After observing the enemies for some time, Sam heavily considers a cardboard box on the shelf beside him. He dumps a bunch of oranges out of the box (another MGS Easter egg) and steps into the upturned box for a moment. Sadly, Sam Porter Bridges isn’t about to go full Solid Snake. He shakes his head and places the cardboard box back on the shelf that it came from.

We then get the new Death Stranding Director’s Cut logo, only saying that it is “Coming Soon” to PS5. There is a 2021 copyright at the bottom of the video, however, which indicates that we may be getting our hands on the game later this year. Expect more details from Sony and Kojima Productions soon.

It’s unknown exactly how much content will be added with the Director’s Cut, or if the story will be changed and updated at all, but this is sure to make a very long game even longer. Check out our original review of Death Stranding from 2019.

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