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Destruction AllStars Devs Still Committed to Supporting the Game

Destruction AllStars garnered attention when it was announced as one of the launch titles for the PS5. But, a myriad of issues, including a delay, caused interest to quickly fade. However, two years later, the game is still in active development, and Lucid Games recently stated that it’s still committed to the title. In fact, it looks like it might be the vanguard for Sony’s live service aspirations.

Lucid Games still committed to Destruction AllStars development

While many thought it would be quickly abandoned, Destruction AllStars has come a long way since its shaky launch, and Lucid Games continues to add new features and content. It now has seasonal content and a Battle Pass, and there are multiple progression systems that net players new cosmetics.

Despite Lucid Games’ enthusiasm, there are still issues with the game. For one, though it’s included as part of PlayStation Plus Extra, it still costs $19.99 to purchase outright ($39.99 for the Digital Deluxe Edition). Despite being a paid game, the progression model and premium currency reek of free-to-play. Earlier this year, there were rumors that the game would transition to a F2P model, but that hasn’t happened yet.

It also continues to lean heavily into the Fortnite aesthetic that turned many players off. Many vehicular combat fans had hoped this game would project Twisted Metal vibes, and this is anything but that. It looks like the studio was banking on the relaunch of PS Plus to bring new Extra and Premium tier players to the game. However, since Sony doesn’t publish player counts, it’s hard to gauge how well that’s worked out.

Regardless, I admire Lucid Games’ dedication to Destruction AllStars. It would have been easy to throw in the towel when it launched to middling reviews. But, instead, the studio continues to keep bringing improvements and content to players.

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