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Sony Has About $5B Left for Acquisitions Before 2024, What Should It Buy?

Speculation about Sony PlayStation acquisitions are making rounds once again as it has emerged that the company has a little over $5 billion left for acquisitions until 2024. Sony Group had pegged 2 trillion yen for the purpose back in 2020, to be spent over three years.

The money isn’t for Sony PlayStation acquisitions only

It all started with a Morgan Stanley conference late last month that Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki was a part of. As spotted by ResetEra, Totoki was quizzed about the 2 trillion yen the company had put aside for acquisitions, and he revealed that 1.3 trillion yen had been spent by the end of 2022. That leaves 0.7 trillion yen (about $5.1 billion) for acquisitions within the next year.

Here’s the problem: the funds Totoki is referring to isn’t for PlayStation acquisitions only. They are for the whole of Sony Group. In other words, while it’s fun speculating, it’s not set in stone that Sony will be splashing whatever it has left over on buying video game studios.

Either way, that Take-Two Interactive rumor is certainly a load of nonsense so we can safely rule that one out.

All that said, if Sony does end up buying video game studios, which it said it will, which one do you think it should go for?