Xbox Game Pass Ahead PS Plus

Sony Admits Xbox Game Pass is ‘Far Ahead’ of PS Plus

Sony has admitted that when it comes to multi-game subscription programs, “it is beyond doubt that Game Pass is far ahead of PlayStation Plus.” While the redesigned PS Plus tiers have been touted as Sony’s Xbox Game Pass competitor, the platform holder feels like there’s a long way to go before they’re on even terms.

Call of Duty could increase the gap between PS Plus and Game Pass

Sony claims that even if they accept a deal to keep Call of Duty on PS5 and PS4 for the next 10 years, Microsoft still has ways to push gamers towards Xbox. One way is to make future Call of Duty games exclusive to Xbox Game Pass, a point Sony raised when they claimed The Elder Scrolls 6 would be Xbox exclusive. This would make Game Pass a much better proposal than PS Plus for many gamers.

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Another of those ways is the cost of the license. Apparently, “Microsoft could manipulate prices of its license to weaken PlayStation or PlayStation Plus” by “providing Call of Duty on PlayStation Plus at a commercially unviable price, thereby making it de facto exclusive.” In other words, the license costs would force Sony to increase its subscription prices to a point where players are no longer willing to pay that amount.

Either way, a decision is yet to made on the Activision Blizzard acquisition and a Call of Duty deal between Sony and Microsoft is yet to be agreed. It remains to be seen whether Xbox Game Pass will remain far ahead of PS Plus.