The Spider-Man 2 Mary Jane Face Model Hasn't Been Swapped, Says Insomniac

The Spider-Man 2 Mary Jane Face Model Hasn’t Been Swapped, Says Insomniac

The Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 trailer showed people a better look at Venom, but also the first glimpse at some other characters in Insomniac Games’ universe. This included Mary Jane, who some players didn’t take kindly to. But despite the slightly new appearance, Insomniac has confirmed that it hasn’t changed the Spider-Man 2 Mary Jane face model or voice actor.

Insomniac did not change the Spider-Man 2 Mary Jane actor

As noted by IGN, community and marketing director James Stevenson confirmed this multiple times on Twitter. He said Mary Jane has the same face model (Stephanie Tyler Jones) and actress (Laura Bailey) from 2018’s Spider-Man. Stevenson also later cleared up that it was an updated version of the same actor’s face and not the same character render from the first game.

The Spider-Man 2 Mary Jane Face Model Hasn't Been Swapped, Says Insomniac
Marvel’s Spider-Man (left), Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 (right)

Since Insomniac claims it didn’t swap either of the people related to the character, the changes many are perceiving are likely a result of the lighting, longer hair, and added fidelity the PS5 affords, the latter of which Stevenson called out. She was also only in a few shots of the trailer, so those who are unconvinced will have to wait until the full game launches on October 20 to make more detailed comparisons.

This is not the first debacle Insomniac has had to face over faces or even small graphical tweaks. There was a slight blowback when the developer completely replaced Peter Parker’s face model for the PS5 remaster of the 2018 game. The studio noted that it subbed in a new model to “get a better match to Peter Parker/Spider-Man actor Yuri Lowenthal’s facial capture.” A handful of vocal players also complained about the puddles in the first game, as they claimed the small pools of water in the final release were downgraded when compared to pre-release footage.