Spider-Man 2 Story Trailer Shows Venom in Action, Reveals His Identity

Spider-Man 2’s Venom Gets Todd McFarlane’s Seal of Approval

Venom was one of the biggest parts of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2‘s Comic-Con appearance, as he wrapped up the game’s story trailer. Todd McFarlane, the anti-hero’s co-creator, has chimed in with his thoughts and given the Insomniac Games version his seal of approval.

Todd McFarlane said he loves when Venom is huge

IGN asked McFarlane for his thoughts on Venom, and the character’s size was the first thing he brought up. McFarlane said he initially made Venom larger than the average superhero, so while Venom is not next to any other people in the Spider-Man 2 trailer, he took note of the character’s broad shoulders. Later in the interview, he called out the rendition of Venom in the 2007 film Spider-Man 3 since he wanted that iteration of the character to be much bigger (which is something he has brought up before).

He then praised Venom’s teeth for being long and crooked like animal or monster teeth since animals and monsters “don’t go to the dentist.” McFarlane also lauded the bold spider insignia on Venom’s chest, which is often a little thinner.

When asked about the tongue, he said he wasn’t a big tongue guy and mainly attributed that Venom staple to comic book artist Erik Larsen, who replaced McFarlane on The Amazing Spider-Man and Peter Parker: Spider-Man. Regardless, he said the character looked cool and mean with or without his tongue lashing about.

McFarlane summed up his thoughts by stating that Insomniac did well because the studio made him “feel like a monster” before giving it his seal of approval and saying he’d rather play that version of Venom over “that little skinny Peter Parker.”