Dbrand Announces PS5 'Arachnoplates' That Look Suspiciously Like Spider-Man 2's Covers

Dbrand Announces PS5 ‘Arachnoplates’ That Look Suspiciously Like Spider-Man 2’s Covers

The Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 PS5 covers have been a hot commodity, as they are currently unavailable on PlayStation Direct. However, accessory maker dbrand has come in with its own set of red and black PS5 plates that are dubbed “Arachnoplates” and look suspiciously like Sony’s official Spider-Man 2 ones.

The Arachnoplates aren’t very subtle

Dbrand Announces PS5 'Arachnoplates' That Look Suspiciously Like Spider-Man 2's Covers
dbrand covers (left), official Sony covers (right)

These Arachnoplates on dbrand’s website cost as much as Sony’s plates — $64.99 — but also come with the option to add red light strips and a skin for the glossy black part between the covers. Those other two add-ons are $11.95 and $14.95, respectively. They start shipping on October 20, the same day Spider-Man 2 comes out.

The similarities are undeniable, but a side-by-side comparison shows some key differences. The dbrand one has more webbing and a vent and lacks the pointy part near the middle chunk’s curve, while the official one has cleaner tendrils and the white Spider-Man insignia. Regardless of the small changes, they still have quite a bit in common.

The product’s description is also unsubtle and clearly takes a jab at Sony.

“The [POPULAR VIDEO GAME CONSOLE] maker [MEGACORP] failed to produce enough stock of their [LICENSED VIDEO GAME] side panels. Thanks for dropping the ball, you [SERIES OF EXPLETIVES].”

Dbrand had also tweeted in July about the covers selling out, asking users to like a tweet if they wanted dbrand to “fix” the shortage. That tweet got almost 17,000 likes.

This is not the first time Sony and dbrand have butted heads. Dbrand previously dared Sony to sue over PS5 faceplates it was selling. Sony responded by sending a cease and desist letter, prompting dbrand to pull the plates and call the electronic giant “terrorists.” Dbrand came back with redesigned plates that had a vent on them, which were different enough to avoid a lawsuit. Sony then started selling its own faceplates in late 2021.