Call of Duty Console Bundle

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III PS5 Bundle Revealed

Sony and Activision seem to have accidentally revealed a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III PS5 console bundle in a recent trailer for the game.

Twitter user @charlieINTEL posted that at the end of the Lockpick Operator trailer uploaded a few days ago, an image of an exclusive Operator skin appears alongside text that reads:

“Pre-order digitally on PlayStation and get the exclusive Lockpick Operator pack. *On PlayStation Store before Nov. 10 2023, also available on Call of Duty: MWIII PS5 Console Bundle. PS players receive select bonus content not available on other formats until Nov. 9, 2024.”

Little other information about the upcoming console bundle is provided, though the mentioned Lockpick Operator pack includes the Van Goated Lockpick Operator Skin, the AMRican Gothic Weapon Blueprint, and the Starry Knife Melee Weapon Blueprint. It’s unclear which model of console will be part of the bundle, especially since the PS5 Slim was just announced earlier today.

You can see the segment at the end of the trailer for yourself on YouTube below:

It’s already been a busy month of news for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, as the beta kicked off this past weekend alongside the release of various trailers detailing the beloved Zombies mode, remade Modern Warfare 2 maps, and more.