GTA 6 announcement and reveal trailer coming soon

GTA 6 Reveal Reportedly Coming This Week (Update)


Rockstar Games has confirmed that it’ll release a trailer for GTA 6 in December.

Original story:

Known journalist Jason Schreier reports that Rockstar Games plans to reveal Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) as early as this week. This is the first credible report of a GTA 6 announcement following a series of rumors and an infamous hack that leaked the game’s content.

GTA 6 reveal trailer to follow next month, Bloomberg claims

Writing for Bloomberg, Schreier said that he received information from sources familiar with Rockstar’s plans that a GTA 6 trailer will be published in December to celebrate the developer’s 25th anniversary. It isn’t immediately clear what the announcement this week will entail, and Rockstar understandably did not respond to Schreier’s request for comment.

Earlier this year, publisher Take-Two Interactive ended up fueling speculations when it said that it expected a record fiscal year in 2025. FY2025 will start in April 2024 and end in March 2025. Take-Two said that it plans to launch “several groundbreaking titles” and if GTA 6 is among them, the game should be out before March 2025.

In light of Schreier’s report, this timeline does seem to make sense. Fans are now eagerly awaiting an announcement between today and Friday, and we’ll find out soon enough what Rockstar has in store.