Insomniac’s Wolverine and Bend Studio Game’s Release Date Windows Possibly Leaked

A concept artist may have ended up corroborating previous rumors of Wolverine PS5 release date window alongside leaking a release window for Bend Studio‘s unannounced PS5 game. The “leak” comes from the ArtStation profile of Hung Nguy, who has since scrubbed any mention of Wolverine and Bend Studio.

Wolverine PS5 release date could be as early as next year, according to reports

Screenshots of Nguy’s ArtStation profile have been making rounds online, with Marvel’s Wolverine listed as a 2024 release and Bend Studio’s game listed as a 2025 release. While these could merely be placeholders, we’ve previously heard reports that Insomniac Games is targeting a release window of 2024 for Wolverine. Journalist and insider Jeff Grubb suggested as much.

Back in February, Grubb claimed to have heard that Wolverine is targeting a 2024 release but could potentially slip into 2025. He further claimed that Wolverine will be a semi open world game with a linear design, and will be targeting a mature audience. Not much is known about Bend Studio’s mystery project.

As soon as Nguy’s profile made rounds, he removed any mention of Wolverine and Bend Studio from his portfolio. It’s possible that Nguy made a mistake since he works as a contractor, so take this with a grain of salt.