Stellar Blade demo

Stellar Blade Demo Release Date and Details Revealed

After accidentally pulling the trigger early, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Shift Up have confirmed Stellar Blade demo release date alongside detailing its contents. The demo will arrive for all players on Friday, March 29, at 7 a.m. PT / 10 a.m. ET.

Stellar Blade demo details

The demo starts at the beginning of the game. According to an official description, this is when protagonist Eve is sent to Earth as part of the 7th Airborne Squad with the mission to rescue the planet from Naytiba’s forces — the game’s main antagonist. Players will play up to the first boss fight. There will be a tutorial to help familiarize yourself with Stellar Blade’s control scheme and mechanics.

The demo takes place in the city of Eidos 7, which has been taken over by the Naytiba. Shift Up says that there will be “a surprise” for players who complete the demo. We expect this to be some sort of an in-game reward when Stellar Blade launches on April 26.

Those who complete the demo can carry their progress over to the full game, starting from their last checkpoint, provided that their save data is still on their PS5s. “From the smooth 60 FPS combat to the haptics, you’ll feel through the DualSense wireless controller, there are various charms of the game that you can only confidently appreciate through hands-on experience,” Shift Up wrote of the demo.