New Horizon Zero Dawn Videos Showcase the Game in 4K, Explain Crafting Systems

February 26, 2017Written by Zarmena Khan

As if the anticipation wasn’t killing us already, Sony has released two new Horizon Zero Dawn videos, making the wait for it even harder! While the video above showcases the game in 4K, the one below explains its crafting systems. They’re both worth watching so check them out.

Horizon Zero Dawn finally launches for the PlayStation 4 on Tuesday, February 28, in North America. The remaining regions will get it the following day. The game has been receiving glowing reviews across the board (ours here) and has been lauded for its technical achievements as well. Lead Concept Artist, Roland Ijzermans, recently explained to us the studio’s motivation behind doing something vastly different from Killzone. The risk and effort certainly paid off.

So, who’s actually picking up Guerrilla’s latest adventure at launch? Let us know. Those in the US who are making a digital purchase, don’t forget to check the pre-load and unlock times here.

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