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video game microtransactions

Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford Shares Thoughts on Microtransactions, Says He’s Against Certain Schemes

He says the term “loot box” is being misused in the debate.

battleborn update

Battleborn’s Final Update Now Live, Patch Notes Inside

No new content coming after this one.

battleborn update

No New Battleborn Content Planned After Fall Update as Gearbox Focuses on “Unannounced Project”

Servers will be up for the “foreseeable future.”

battleborn skins

Borderlands Skins Announced for Battleborn as Gearbox Teases Borderlands 3 Development Update

90% of Gearbox apparently working on Borderlands 3.

Tales From the Borderlands

Tales From the Borderlands Was Perceived Internally “As a Failure,” Says Director

… “from a sales and production standpoint, it wasn’t awesome.”

fortnite servers

Epic Games’ Fornite Gets New Cinematic Short, Watch the Action Here

Enters early access soon.

Battleborn “Supercharge” Multiplayer Mode Announced

Yes, free trial players can get in the action, too.

Borderlands Writer and Gearbox’s Chief Creative Departs Studio Due to Health Issues

He suffered a stroke in 2011.

Free Battleborn Multiplayer Trial Gives You Unlimited Access to Competitive Maps & Modes

You can buy additional content, but Gearbox says it’s not free-to-play.

Gearbox CEO Teases Borderlands 3 With Mo-Cap Photo

It’s coming!

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Launch Trailer Syncs Brutal Beat-Up With an Upbeat Tune

Dropkick the beat!

Borderlands 3 Information Teased via Battleborn DLC

It seems that players are being warned about Patricia Tannis.

Gearbox Teases What Borderlands 3 Could Look Like

Next level cel shading!

Battleborn’s Montana and the Demon Bear DLC Out Today

Fifth DLC revealed as well.

Randy Pitchford Talks Battleborn’s Perceived Failure Against Overwatch & Borderlands’ Success

3.5 million players compared to 25 million.

Battleborn Update Today Is 13GB, Adds PS4 Pro Support & Much More

Regular PS4 owners can choose to run Battleborn at up to 60fps.

Gearbox CEO’s 2017 Goals: “Push Quality With In-House Development of Beloved + New Franchises”

Battleborn was played by millions of gamers.

Biggest Battleborn Update Arrives This Winter, Adds PS4 Pro Support & Unlocks All 25 Core Heroes

PS4 Pro owners will be able to choose between 1080p/60fps or 4K/30fps.

The Game Awards 2016 – Bulletstorm Remaster Announced for PS4, Xbox One & PC

Play as Duke Nukem!

Battleborn Update Today Adds Face-Off Mode, Attikus Story DLC Support

Face-Off is free, Attikus is paid.