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Daily Reaction: Will Motion Controls be as big Next Gen?

Move it or lose it.

Kinect Hacked to Control PS3, Killzone 3

Microsoft’s Kinect has proven to the masses that when put to theRead the full article…

Are the Move and Kinect Shortages All a Hoax?

It’s no secret that we here at PlayStation LifeStyle like Sony’s motion controller, the PlayStation Move. As motion gaming seems to be all the rage for this holiday season, the hype may be real but are the shortages not?


Sony Has a Huge Edge on Microsoft for Motion Controller Software

It’s no secret that Sony and Microsoft have been at each other’sRead the full article…


Patcher Claims PS Move Sold “Below Expectations”

With all of this motion-controller frenzy, each console giant is marketing theirRead the full article…


Sony: Kinect Experience ‘Pretty Cumbersome’

If the words of Sony’s PlayStation Move mastermind are anything to go by, Kinect is a flawed and cumbersome experience.

Battle of The Launch Ads: Move Vs. Kinect

This week Microsoft revealed the first TV spot for their upcoming motion-basedRead the full article…

Hardcore Titles and Move Are Becoming a Trend Due to Hardware

Sony impressed many consumers during E3 with the company’s strong upcoming line-upRead the full article…

Microsoft Says Kinect is Much Better Value than Move

During E3 this year, Sony announced the official pricing for the PlayStationRead the full article…

Activision Moves Away from PlayStation Move

Both the Move and Kinect motion controllers took front stage at E3Read the full article…

Tech Expert Claims PS Move is More Precise Than Kinect

Sony’s motion controller, PlayStation Move, is touted as the most precise motion controller on the market with true 1:1 motion tracking, while Microsoft’s motion technology, Kinect – which was previously known as Natal – takes a different approach with their technology by having no controller whatsoever. Now, a tech expert claims that the PlayStation Move is indeed more precise than Kinect.

Sony Has Open Net as Kinect Fails to Impress

Microsoft fails to ‘Kinect’ to the hardcore with Natal re-branding. Sony prepares a counterstrike…