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Markus Persson

Minecraft Creator Says “Biggest Effort” Went Into Taking Care of Employees During Sale of Mojang

But he claims they all hate him now.


Indie Devs Benefit More From Simultaneous Releases Than Exclusivity Deals, Says Nintendo

Nintendo isn’t “throwing cash around.”


Exclusive Envy – Microsoft gamescom 2015

Why, Sony? Why?!

ps4 vs xbox one

Phil Spencer Discusses Sony’s Third-Party Deals, Says They Have “Nothing to Do With Market Share”

Spencer is a fan of Uncharted.


Square Enix: New Tomb Raider to Be a Trilogy, Doesn’t See Franchise “Becoming an Xbox IP”

“We’re very much a game-by-game, case-by-case company.”

Xbox gamescom

Daily Reaction: Microsoft’s gamescom 2015 Press Conference Impressions

A solid show.


Mojang: There’s Been “No Discussions” About Minecraft 2

No conversation about it at all…even within Microsoft.


Microsoft gamescom 2015 Live Stream – Watch What the Competition Has in Store

Are you expecting any timed third-party exclusive announcements?


Microsoft to Focus More on First-Party Xbox One Games, Less on Exclusive Third-Party Deals

“My strategy is more around our own first party franchises, and investing in franchises that we own”


Now Loading…Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 Confirmed, What Do You Think of Obvious Timed Exclusives?

Should we cover news fora game that are obviously timed exclusives?

ps4 China Xbox One

China to Lift Nationwide Console Ban, Sony Welcomes Decision

New rules apply to both foreign and domestic companies.


Minecraft Update 1.18 out Today on PS4, PS3 & PS Vita, Here’s All the Patch Notes

Out now in Europe and Japan.


Shuhei Yoshida Was “Very Surprised” by Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Announcement

He’s “very curious” to see how it works.


Minecraft Getting Dual Wielding, Enchanted Arrows, and More

Makeover for The End!


Minecraft: Story Mode Trailer Released, Cast Includes The Last of Us and Arkham Knight Voice Actors

Will be a standalone product.


Microsoft is Primed to Trump Sony Come Holiday Season Despite E3 2015 Success 

Pulling no Punches.

COD Black Ops 3 Header

Microsoft Responds to Sony Call of Duty DLC Deal, Says It Has a “Great Relationship” With Activision

They’ll continue to drive sales.


Shuhei Yoshida Visits Microsoft Booth, Tries the HoloLens

He also took a picture with them on.


Yoshida “Slightly Concerned” Initially Due to Microsoft Not Working on VR Publicly

Yoshida now happy that “everyone” is working for the advancement of the tech.


Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg Discusses Console Exclusives and Sony’s Holiday Lineup

Sony had a “good show.”