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Rise of the Tomb Raider Launches to Low Day-One Sales in UK, Fallout 4 Sold More on PS4

Less than 63,000 units at retail in the UK.


Device Allows You to Use an Xbox One Elite Controller on Your PS4

It’s not going to be cheap…


Current-Gen Consoles Dominating UK Physical Games Market

Apparently, Xbox One is driving the increase.


PS4 Lead Over Xbox One Continues to Grow, Latest Quarterly Financial Reports Show

Will the tortoise catch the hare?

Xbox One vs PS4

Microsoft Exec Talks Differentiating Xbox One From PS4, Says Xbox is the Place to Play Shooters

Microsoft expects Black Ops 3 to be a “big title” for Xbox.


Microsoft Basing Success on Xbox Live User Numbers, Rather Than Xbox Console Shipments

Xbox Live numbers at 39 million.


Minecraft Update 1.21 Today on PS4, PS3 & PS Vita Adds Halloween & Star Wars Prequel Pack Support

Get more than 50 skins in the Star Wars Pack.


Microsoft Acquires Game Physics Developer Havok, Will Continue to License Technology

Provided digital effects to Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Dark Souls and more.


Minecraft: Story Mode Trailer Readies You for The Order of the Stone

The World’s Largest Let’s Play will be held on October 12 in Hollywood.

ps4 vs xbox one

There’s “No Way” Competitors Can Stack up Against Xbox One’s Holiday Exclusives, Says Microsoft

Backward compatibility and ID@Xbox games offer “high value.”

Markus Persson

Minecraft Creator Says “Biggest Effort” Went Into Taking Care of Employees During Sale of Mojang

But he claims they all hate him now.


Indie Devs Benefit More From Simultaneous Releases Than Exclusivity Deals, Says Nintendo

Nintendo isn’t “throwing cash around.”


Exclusive Envy – Microsoft gamescom 2015

Why, Sony? Why?!

ps4 vs xbox one

Phil Spencer Discusses Sony’s Third-Party Deals, Says They Have “Nothing to Do With Market Share”

Spencer is a fan of Uncharted.


Square Enix: New Tomb Raider to Be a Trilogy, Doesn’t See Franchise “Becoming an Xbox IP”

“We’re very much a game-by-game, case-by-case company.”

Xbox gamescom

Daily Reaction: Microsoft’s gamescom 2015 Press Conference Impressions

A solid show.


Mojang: There’s Been “No Discussions” About Minecraft 2

No conversation about it at all…even within Microsoft.


Microsoft gamescom 2015 Live Stream – Watch What the Competition Has in Store

Are you expecting any timed third-party exclusive announcements?


Microsoft to Focus More on First-Party Xbox One Games, Less on Exclusive Third-Party Deals

“My strategy is more around our own first party franchises, and investing in franchises that we own”


Now Loading…Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 Confirmed, What Do You Think of Obvious Timed Exclusives?

Should we cover news fora game that are obviously timed exclusives?