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Report: Console Makers Pushing Ubisoft to Make PC Games Locked at 30fps

That doesn’t seem good.


Microsoft Defends ID@Xbox Indie Parity Clause, Wants Xbox One Owners to Feel “First Class”

Spencer might reconsider his approach.


PSLS Versus – Uncharted vs. Gears of War

Nathan Drake vs. Marcus Fenix!


Now Loading…Microsoft Buys Mojang and Notch Leaves, What Next?

PSLS staff share their opinions on the acquisition.

Markus Persson

Notch Leaving Mojang, Says Sale Was for His “Sanity” and Not for Money

That amount of money might be able to buy anyone’s sanity, amirite?


Microsoft Announces Mojang Acquisition for $2.5 Billion

Moneycraft a better title for it, then?


Report: Microsoft to Announce Mojang Acquisition Tomorrow, Wants to Boost Mobile Sector

It’s apparently about mobile gaming.


Report: Microsoft Near Deal to Acquire Minecraft Developer Mojang, Notch “Unlikely” to Stay if Deal Pushes Through

Notch approached Microsoft months ago, the report states.


Microsoft Doesn’t Have Permission to Run Destiny Ads, So They Made a Destiny Fragrance Ad Instead

Smells like Destiny.


PS4 Nets Most gamescom 2014 Coverage, Event Catching Up to E3 in Terms of PR Impact

PS4 is the most covered platform for both E3 and gamescom this year!


Xbox Boss Phil Spencer: Rise of the Tomb Raider “Totally” Our Answer to Uncharted 4

Phil Spencer says he “likes” the Uncharted franchise and apparently, Microsoft tried to make an Uncharted-type game of its own.


Microsoft gamescom 2014 Press Conference Live-Stream

Curious what Microsoft has in store? Go watch it unfold live.


Report: PS4 Germany Sales Now at 540,000 From Launch to June

Germany loves PlayStation it seems.


PlayStation 4 Outselling Xbox One in Germany According to Official Sales Figures

Sony is the preferred brand in Germany.


Sony: EA Access Doesn’t ‘Bring the Kind of Value PlayStation Customers Expect’

With PlayStation Plus numbers so high, they didn’t think anyone would pay the $5 a month.


Sony Spends More Money Promoting PlayStation Than Microsoft for the Xbox One

“Greatness Awaits” beats “All-in-One” when it comes to ad spending.


Destiny Developer Bungie Reveals It Was Already Working With Sony Before the PS4 Design Was Even Finalized

Bungie also had a hand in developing the DualShock 4!


E3 2014: PSLS Reacts to the Pressers

Press conferences reactions. What are yours?


E3 2014 Day 0 Recap

Catch every big news in one place.


E3 2014: Microsoft Press Conference Livestream

Catch what the competition is doing and then some.