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Minecraft: Story Mode Trailer Released, Cast Includes The Last of Us and Arkham Knight Voice Actors

Will be a standalone product.


Microsoft is Primed to Trump Sony Come Holiday Season Despite E3 2015 Success 

Pulling no Punches.

COD Black Ops 3 Header

Microsoft Responds to Sony Call of Duty DLC Deal, Says It Has a “Great Relationship” With Activision

They’ll continue to drive sales.


Shuhei Yoshida Visits Microsoft Booth, Tries the HoloLens

He also took a picture with them on.


Yoshida “Slightly Concerned” Initially Due to Microsoft Not Working on VR Publicly

Yoshida now happy that “everyone” is working for the advancement of the tech.


Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg Discusses Console Exclusives and Sony’s Holiday Lineup

Sony had a “good show.”


Microsoft E3 Press Conference Live Stream

Check out what the competition has up its sleeve.


Versus – Sony vs Microsoft vs Nintendo E3 2014

Who do you think won?


E3 2015 – Weighing Up Sony’s Competition Ahead of the Event

Know Thy Enemy.

SIlent Hill Reedus

Norman Reedus Promotes Petition Against Konami, Rumors of Silent Hills Purchase Surface (Update)

Microsoft is in the limelight.


Microsoft Boss Clarifies That Rise of the Tomb Raider Still an Xbox Timed Exclusive

Nope, Xbox Australia’s Facebook page update is wrong.


Mass Effect Project Director Casey Hudson Joins Microsoft Studios as Creative Director

He’ll be working on HoloLens and then some.


Exclusive Envy – Gears of War

Boom! Headshot!


Former Forza Audio Lead Now Working on Gran Turismo 7

He joined Polyphony in April.

ps4 vs xbox one

Xbox Founder Says PS4 Wins the Console War “By a Nose”

Ed Fries says VR and AR could change things.


Sony Easily Moves Past Microsoft in Revenue Ranking

Keep it up.


Versus – DualShock 4 vs. Xbox One Controller

Which one do you prefer?


Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Doesn’t Think VR is a “Now” Thing

Spencer thinks Morpheus is “more of an announcement than anybody really having any VR stuff right now.”


PS4 and Xbox One Units Reach Three Million Sales in UK, PS4 Best Selling Console in New Zealand Last Year

Those are some nice sales figures!


Microsoft Has “No Problem” With Indies Releasing on Rival Platforms First If Developers Lack Resources

Microsoft wants something fresh for Xbox One players.