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Sony Spends More Money Promoting PlayStation Than Microsoft for the Xbox One

“Greatness Awaits” beats “All-in-One” when it comes to ad spending.


Destiny Developer Bungie Reveals It Was Already Working With Sony Before the PS4 Design Was Even Finalized

Bungie also had a hand in developing the DualShock 4!


E3 2014: PSLS Reacts to the Pressers

Press conferences reactions. What are yours?


E3 2014 Day 0 Recap

Catch every big news in one place.


E3 2014: Microsoft Press Conference Livestream

Catch what the competition is doing and then some.


Xbox Boss and Former SCEA CEO Hugs Each Other Before E3 2014 Starts

Xbox and PlayStation guys hugging each other and no fighting. What is the world coming to?


Xbox Boss Phil Spencer: Sony Will Have a Good E3

Xbox boss Phil Spencer thinks Sony will have a good E3 showing. But will it be better than Microsoft’s?


Microsoft Probably Cheering for PS4 to Hit Home Run in Japan, Could Pull Out of Market

Keep your friends close…

Hold me Stephen

Daily Reaction: Potential Microsoft CEO Considers Xbox Sell Off

Microsoft’s Exbox.


Daily Reaction: Microsoft Drops Xbox One DRM & Allows Used Games – What Now?

“We’re listening”. With Kinect.


Daily Reaction: So, Microsoft Is “Going to Kill Sony at E3”…

With laughter.


Xbox One’s One Chance at Being Twitter’s Number One is One-Upped by Sony and Steam

01001111 01101110 01100101


Microsoft: “Everybody Knows” PS3 “Isn’t as Good of an Entertainment Console” as Xbox 360

Them’s fighting words.


Breaking Reaction: What if Microsoft Bought OnLive?

Is this what the Mayan’s were predicting?


What Microsoft Buying Activision Would Mean For PlayStation

Earlier in the week, reports of Vivendi’s interest in selling its stakeRead the full article…


PS3 Sales Ahead of 360′s for the Year, Analysts Predict Shifts Incoming

This generation of video game consoles has seen numerous monumental shifts soRead the full article…

Capcom Predicting Soaring PS3 Game Sales, Backs Platform

Capcom have released a chart that not only shows the number ofRead the full article…

Pachter: E3 2011 Could Be The Best Yet

E3 2011 is mere weeks away now, and the entire industry isRead the full article…


E3 2011 Show Floor Plan in Detail

It’s that wonderful time of the year again – less than oneRead the full article…

Microsoft Has Some Choice Words to Say Regarding Sony’s PSN Predicament

Many gamers may have found themselves in a boring weekend so farRead the full article…