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Monster Hunter World Animated Special revealed

Monster Hunter: World to Get 3D Animated Special in 2019

Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild sound exciting.

monster hunter world cross-play

Monster Hunter: World PS4 Players Won’t Be Able to Cross-Play with PC Users

Don’t be cross at Sony… this time.

monster hunter behemoth

Monster Hunter: World x Final Fantasy XIV Behemoth Event Gets Release Window

Chocobos in Monster Hunter when?

monster hunter world usa championship

Capcom Running Monster Hunter: World USA Championship Tournament in San Francisco

Fight to win a dope watch and a trip to Japan!

monster hunter world Summer Twilight Fest

Monster Hunter: World Summer Twilight Fest Kicks Off Next Month

Earn new items, clothes, and more.

monster hunter world bonus hr

Monster Hunter: World Bonus HR Event Running Now

I’m intimidated just reading about these quests.

behemoth monster hunter world

The Behemoth is Coming to Monster Hunter: World

Hunt it down and claim your prize!

final fantasy monster hunter

E3 2018: Final Fantasy XIV Monster Hunter: World Crossover Announced

Square Enix and Capcom are teaming up!

Monster Hunter: World Gets Lunastra, The Empress of Flame

Hell yes! More colossal creatures to hunt!

monster hunter world kulve taroth

The Kulve Taroth Returns to Monster Hunter: World for New Limited-Time Siege Event

Event ends on May 31.

PlayStation Developers Choice Awards 2018 Winners

PlayStation Developers Choice Awards 2018 Winners Announced

A certain title won two awards at once!

Capcom to Release Two Major Titles by March 2019

Capcom to Release Two Major Titles by March 2019

More Resident Evil? Or could it be, dare we ask, Mega Man?

monster hunter world sales

Monster Hunter: World Total Sales Hits 7.9 Million

And that’s why the free content just keep coming. Thanks, Capcom!

Monster hunter world devil may cry dante

Get Devil May Cry’s Dante Armor and Weapon in Monster Hunter: World Now

It’s going to be a tough fight!

Top 5 Tastiest Monster Hunter World Monsters

Feeling hungry? Get your mouth watering over these incredible Monster Hunter World dishes!

read the Monster hunter world update 3.02 patch notes

Read the Monster Hunter: World Update 3.02 Patch Notes

Bug fixes!

Monster hunter world update 3.0 patch notes

Monster Hunter: World Update 3.0 Adds 16-Player Hunting Sieges and a New Location, Read the Patch Notes

Kulve Taroth can be fought by up to 16 players working together.

monster hunter world title update kulve taroth

Capcom Releases Reigns on a New Monster: Introducing Kulve Taroth’s World

We really wish that we can get it’s head. It’s gonna be such a bad-ass shield.

Monster hunter world mega man

Monster Hunter: World Mega Man Gear Now Available, Devil May Cry’s Dante Coming Later This Month

The crazy crossovers continue!