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Check Out Monster Hunter: World’s Wildspire Waste Area

New monsters revealed!

Monster Hunter World (5)

New Monster Hunter: World Gameplay Videos Detail the 14 Weapon Types

Capcom shows us the Light Weapons, Heavy Weapons, and Technical Weapons.

Monster Hunter World (8)

Monster Hunter: World’s Off-Screen Footage From SDCC Showcases Weapons

Official videos will follow in the near future.


23-Minute Monster Hunter World Gameplay Walkthrough Goes After Anjanath

And get to know more about the upcoming title in the process.


Monster Hunter: World Director Explains New Features and Story Premise

Executive Director Kaname Fujioka and Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto talk about the latest entry in the series.


Capcom on Monster Hunter World: “You Can Look Forward to Lots of Post-Launch Excitement”

They aren’t fixing things so that Western players buy it.


Watch 25 Mins of Monster Hunter World Gameplay

Coming early 2018.


E3 2017 – Monster Hunter: World Preview – Back Home (PS4)

Monster Hunter is finally back on consoles!


New Monster Hunter World Gameplay & Details Revealed

It’s targeting 30fps on all platforms, and you can play offline.


E3 2017 – Monster Hunter World Will Feature Cross-Region Multiplayer, Up to Four-Player Drop-In Co-Op

Get ready to hunt with friends!


E3 2017 – Sony Has Announced Monster Hunter World. Coming in Early 2018 to the PS4.

Was that a gatling gun?