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Dynasty Warriors 9 informal clothes thumbnail

Listen to Previews of Dynasty Warriors 9 Music

Also check out more newly revealed informal clothes.

Attack on Titan 2 live stream

Attack on Titan 2 Live Stream Dated on October 24

Don’t miss the world premiere gameplay footage!

Attack on Titan 2 Famitsu

Attack on Titan 2 Will Have Over 30 Playable Characters

There are also more details on what they’re improving in this sequel.

Attack on Titan 2 vita

Attack on Titan 2 Vita Version Not Coming West

Platforms confirmed.

Attack on Titan 2 gameplay

First Attack on Titan 2 Screenshots Released

Check out the new screenshots!

Dynasty Warriors 9 preview

TGS 2017: Dynasty Warriors 9 Preview – Battle of Guandu (PS4)

We finally went hands-on with the new gameplay systems.

dynasty warriors 9 gameplay

Watch 20 Minutes of Dynasty Warriors 9 Gameplay

It looks impressive.

Dynasty Warriors 9 returning characters

Wang Yi, Xiahou Ba, and More Return in Dynasty Warriors 9

Zhang Liao, Huang Gai, and even more!

Dynasty Warriors 9 State Combo Cheng Pu

Dynasty Warriors 9 State Combo System Explained in Detail

Read how the new gameplay will look like.

Dynasty Warriors 9 new character Xu Sheng in Famitsu

Dynasty Warriors 9 New Character Xu Sheng Announced

Sima Zhao, Wang Yuanji, and more returning characters are also announced.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Characters - Sun Ce, Jia Chong, Ma Chao

Dynasty Warriors 9 Sees the Return of Sun Ce, Jia Chong, and Ma Chao

With some shocking revelations about their weapons…


Warriors All-Stars File Size and Trophies Revealed

Get ready to slice a bunch of enemies.

Dynasty Warriors 9 - Zhang He, Ma Dai, Sima Shi, Zhou Yu

Zhou Yu, Sima Shi, and More Return as Dynasty Warriors 9 Characters

The first Jin character is introduced in this batch.

Attack on Titan 2 vita

Attack on Titan 2 Game Announced, Coming Early 2018

Watch the debut trailer!


Watch 30 Mins of Dynasty Warriors 9 Gameplay Featuring Cheng Pu

Straight from ChinaJoy 2017.


New Dynasty Warriors 9 Trailer Gives You a Look at the Gameplay & Environments

Platform details in the West are still TBA.


Last Free Dragon Quest Heroes II DLC Now Out, Adds New Multiplayer Mode & More

Let’s hope there’s more.


Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada Review – Growing Convictions (PS4)

Find out what separates Spirit of Sanada from other musou titles.


Dynasty Warriors 9 to Offer Choice Between 1080P/60FPS and 4K/30FPS on PS4 Pro

Standard PS4 graphics options have yet to be revealed.