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Dynasty Warriors 9 gameplay videos - Xin Xianying

Check out the First Dynasty Warriors 9 Character Gameplay Videos

Sneak peek of how the game will actually look like.

Attack on Titan 2 release date - Annie Leonhart

Attack on Titan 2 Japanese Release Date & More Playable Characters Announced

Annie, Reiner, Bertolt, and more playable Titans too!

Attack on Titan 2 playable characters - Mina Carolina

Attack on Titan 2 Playable Characters Include Mina, Thomas, and More

More and more characters becoming playable here.

Dynasty Warriors 9 weapon system Famitsu

Dynasty Warriors 9 Shows Weapon System With More Returning Characters

Pang De, Guan Suo, Bao Sanniang, and more.

Dynasty Warriors 9 characters

Here’s the Full List of All Dynasty Warriors 9 Characters

Can you memorize all of them?

Dynasty Warriors 9 returning characters

Dynasty Warriors 9 Brings Back Cai Wenji and More

Beauty and the Beasts and the Sages.

Attack on Titan 2 PS4 characters

Five Attack on Titan 2 Playable Characters Revealed

Gunther, Petra, and others!

Dynasty Warriors 9 new female character Xin Xianying

Dynasty Warriors 9 New Character Xin Xianying Announced

Finally, a new female character!

Dynasty Warriors 9 release date

Dynasty Warriors 9 Release Date Announced in Japan

A season pass has also been announced.

Attack on Titan 2 character creation

Attack on Titan 2 Lets You Create Your Own Character

You can now be part of the 104th Training Corps!

Dynasty Warriors 9 characters

Dynasty Warriors 9 Shows More Returning Characters and Screenshots

Check out the familiar faces.

Dynasty Warriors 9 informal clothes thumbnail

Listen to Previews of Dynasty Warriors 9 Music

Also check out more newly revealed informal clothes.

Attack on Titan 2 live stream

Attack on Titan 2 Live Stream Dated on October 24

Don’t miss the world premiere gameplay footage!

Attack on Titan 2 Famitsu

Attack on Titan 2 Will Have Over 30 Playable Characters

There are also more details on what they’re improving in this sequel.

Attack on Titan 2 vita

Attack on Titan 2 Vita Version Not Coming West

Platforms confirmed.

Attack on Titan 2 gameplay

First Attack on Titan 2 Screenshots Released

Check out the new screenshots!

Dynasty Warriors 9 preview

TGS 2017: Dynasty Warriors 9 Preview – Battle of Guandu (PS4)

We finally went hands-on with the new gameplay systems.

dynasty warriors 9 gameplay

Watch 20 Minutes of Dynasty Warriors 9 Gameplay

It looks impressive.

Dynasty Warriors 9 returning characters

Wang Yi, Xiahou Ba, and More Return in Dynasty Warriors 9

Zhang Liao, Huang Gai, and even more!

Dynasty Warriors 9 State Combo Cheng Pu

Dynasty Warriors 9 State Combo System Explained in Detail

Read how the new gameplay will look like.