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PAX East 2015 – Induction Hands-On Preview (PS Vita)

Definitely a brain blaster.

Mayan Death Robots Logo

PAX East 2015 – Mayan Death Robots Features Mayhem, Madness, and Magic

Featuring Robot vs Robot fun.

The Adventures of Pip

PAX East 2015 – Adventures of Pip Hands-On Preview (PS4)

Transform into three different versions of Pip.

Orcs Must Die Unchained

PAX East 2015 – Orcs Must Die! Unchained Hands-On Preview (PS4)

Free-to-play, but not pay-to-win.


Avalanche Isn’t Ready to Reveal Just Cause 3 Gameplay Yet, Wants to Do Things the “Right Way”

Gameplay will be “worth the wait.”

Dragon Fin Soup

PAX East 2015 – Dragon Fin Soup Preview (PS4, Vita)

An expansive turn-based RPG.


PAX East 2015 – Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Hands-On Preview (PS4)

Some issues, but it is too early to say if it will be worth your money.

The Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt 7

CD Projekt RED Considered The Witcher Re-Releases But Decided to Focus on Current Projects

Still didn’t rule the possibility out.


Street Fighter V Gets a Tentative Release Window of Spring 2016

It was 20% complete last December.

the witcher 3 chat

Watch Geralt Fight and Explore in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt PAX East 2015 Gameplay Video

Explore huge in-game regions.

We Are Doomed

PAX East 2015 – We Are Doomed Hands-On Preview (PS4, Vita)

Set to come out next month.


PAX East 2015 — Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Hands-On Preview (PS4)

Is it going to be worth that $60?

Plague Knight Shovel Knight

PAX East 2015 – Shovel Knight Playable “Plague Knight” Character Tested, Brings New Gameplay Elements

He focuses on quick, ranged attacks.

Life Is Strange™_20150129010123

PAX East 2015 — Life is Strange: Episode 2 Hands On Preview (PS4, PS3)

Episode 2 will come out this month!


PAX East 2015 Cosplay Gallery

Kratos, Minecraftmau5, Disney Princesses, and much more.


Report: Harmonix Possibly Developing a New Rock Band for PS4 and Xbox One

That would be awesome.