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God of War game design challenges explained

God of War Director on Game Design: ‘We Have to be Bold’

Braver than Kratos? Yep.

God of war map

God Of War Collector’s Edition Map Contains a Clever, Hidden Puzzle

Just when you thought you’d seen it all…

God of War Reviews

Game Studios Praise Sony Over God of War

This is why you don’t mess with Kratos.

Highest Rated PS4 Game

God of War is Now the Highest Rated PS4 Game

Will Kratos slay the non-exclusive GTA V?

God of War Difficulty

God of War’s Hardest Difficulty is a ‘Hugely Different’ Experience

It makes changes to enemy attack patterns.

God of War Director

New God of War Upgrade System Detailed

Hanging out with Brokk and Syndri

God of War Director

New God of War Details Concerning Kratos and His Son Emerge

Find out what Atreus will do.

God of War Concept Art

Official God of War Podcast Announced, Will Reveal Backstory for Series

Learn some norse secrets

God of War 4 Comes Out This Year, According to Voice Actor’s Twitter

Please be real!