Zipline into Zipper’s New Podcast

May 8, 2010Written by Kishen Patel

Sony Computer Entertainment American studio, Zipper Interactive, holds an immense amount of respect in the minds of PlayStation gamers everywhere. From the Washington based studio composed of executives and developers with extensive military backgrounds, Zipper Interactive brought us the SOCOM series for the PS2 and PSP, with an official sequel to the series coming to PS3 this year, and of course their most recent blockbuster hit, MAG. Fortunately for avid SOCOM and MAG fans, the Zipper community managers have whipped up a weekly fix for news hungry fans.

Like other prestigious studios, Zipper has followed the path of development houses like Insomniac Games, Kojima Productions, and Criterion by producing a weekly podcast. Spear-headed by IGN veterans, Jeremy Dunham and the newly appointed community manager, Chris Roper, the Zipline Podcast brings Chris Roper’s “Roper-Report” experience from the Podcast Beyond with nothing but MAG and SOCOM focus along with anything else PlayStation related in the news feed.

With episodes releasing every Friday at an average length of 30-minutes, the Zipline Podcast is a great listen for both hardcore SOCOM and MAG fans and casual PlayStation enthusiasts. Check out the latest episode on the SOCOM blog and be sure to subscribe to their RSS feed to stay tuned into the latest episodes. Just hit the link from your PSP’s web browser to add it to the built-in podcast reader.