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Cluster of Spider-Man Cosplayers Set a World Record

I imagined there’d be more…

silver sable spider man ps4

Silver Sable Originally Had a Bigger Role in Marvel’s Spider-Man

She’ll get her time to shine soon, though.

spider man ps4 sales

Marvel’s Spider-Man Dominates Global Sales Charts

Japan’s reportedly short of physical copies.

spider man ps4 sequel

Insomniac Games Wants to Keep Players Engaged in Its Spider-Man Universe

They stopped short of confirming a sequel.

ratchet and clank original game

Before Ratchet & Clank, Insomniac Was Working on a Very Different Game

I would play Girl With a Stick, honestly.

spider-man pinball tournament

Earn Some Cool Prizes in the Spider-Man Pinball Tournament

I won’t participate, so the rest of you have a chance.

spider-man ps4 miles morales

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Was Originally Just a Post-Credits Tease

A desire to tell a unique Spider-Man story changed things.

Spider-man PS4 boat people

Have You Seen Marvel’s Spider-Man’s Terrifying Boat People?

One of the behind-the-scenes tricks used by the devs gets revealed.

marvels Spider-man ps4 j jonah jameson alex jones 1

The Worst Part of Spider-Man PS4 Is the Alex Jones Parody That Is J. Jonah Jameson

The potential for nuance with JJJ is lost within his brash parody.

sony spider-man ps4

Marvel’s Spider-Man Wouldn’t Exist Without Sony’s Support Says Creative Director

The stars all aligned for this adventure.

spider-man PS4 music

Composing Peter Parker – The Music of Marvel’s Spider-Man with Composer John Paesano

Learn how he connected players with the human side of Spidey.

Spider-Man Villains

Here’s How Spider-Man’s Villains Were Designed to Challenge Players

The Insomniac team discusses the Sinister Six, sans spoilers.

Marvels spider-man PS4 suits all suits how to unlock ranked 1

All 28 Marvel’s Spider Man PS4 Suits Ranked From Worst to Best

Some great additions from across Spidey’s history.

spider-man new game plus

Marvel’s Spider-Man Will Have a New Game+

Do whatever a spider can, again.

Insomniac Explains Why It Chose Spider-Man Over Other Marvel Characters

What makes Spider-Man so hot?

Marvels Spider-Man Easter Eggs

Here Are a Few Easter Eggs in Marvel’s Spider-Man

Technically spiders lay eggs. That’s a convenient analogy for us, since Marvel’s Spider-Man is covered in eggs. Easter Eggs. Actually, this analogy isn’t going anywhere.

Spider-man ps4 dialogue

Spider-Man PS4 Dialogue Was Recorded Twice, Dynamically Switches Between Normal and Exerted

Making all of Spidey’s conversations sound more natural.

spider man easter egg

Spider-Man Dev Offers to Change ‘Marriage Proposal’ Easter Egg After Learning of Sad Ending

Some relationships just aren’t meant to be.

spider man ps4

Santa Monica Studio and Guerrilla Games Celebrate Spider-Man’s Launch in the Most Adorable Way

If only this was teasing a sequel to PlayStation All-Stars.

Spider-man PS4 Uncle Bens grave ben parker with great power trophy

How to Find Uncle Ben’s Grave in Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 – With Great Power Trophy

Pay homage to the fallen patriarch.