Destiny Beta to be Open to Everyone With PlayStation Plus – (Update)

Update: Chris Owen, who’s the English Community Manager at PlayStation Europe tweeted that the EU PS Blog was incorrect. The Destiny beta will only be available for those who pre-order and not for every PS+ member.

So, there you go. You need to pre-order the game to get into the Destiny beta. This news might have made some people sad, and some happy. I personally would have loved to have everyone try the beta out since what we played in the alpha was outstanding.

Original Story:

While not everyone who wanted to were able to play the Destiny alpha, it seems this will change with the upcoming Destiny beta in July.

In today’s EU PlayStation Blog update, it has been revealed that everyone with a PS+ membership will get access to the beta, which means, if you’re a premium service member right now, then you’ll be part of the sci-fi festivities.

Not only are we bringing you a great mix of games but there’s also the Destiny beta, which kicks off on 17th July exclusively on PlayStation. If you’re a PlayStation Plus member you will be able to fully experience Destiny and its incredible multiplayer. And if you’re not? Well, what are you waiting for, sign up now!

While this was posted on the EU PS Blog, chances are very, very high it’s the same for North American PS+ users, too. Just last week, Bungie revealed the Destiny alpha stats, which was not bad for a closed alpha. With the beta being open to essentially everyone, I image the numbers will be exponentially better.

If you’re unsure if you want to try the beta before Destiny’s September release, check out our hands-on preview to get a glimpse at what to expect in July 17.

Anyone excited to try the Destiny beta? Or do you want to retain some sort of mystery to the game when you pick it up on September 9?

[Source: EU PlayStation Blog via NeoGAF]