Report: Resident Evil Revelations 2 PS4 Content Lock Bug Has Been Unresolved for Two Months

A Resident Evil Revelations 2 content lock bug on the PlayStation 4 has reportedly been unresolved for almost two months now despite a Sony representative stating that the team is aware of the issue. The bug, which was recently highlighted by Kotaku, prevents some players who pre-ordered the game via the PlayStation Store from accessing special maps for Raid mode that came bundled with it. 

Threads detailing the problem appeared on the PlayStation Community forums and on Capcom Unity forums in late February. In March, a Sony representative wrote on the PlayStation forums:

Our store team is aware of the issue. Thanks for the reports.

We’re temporarily marking this as solution to let you know we have eyes on this.

The thread was then marked “resolved” but the issue prevails. 

Users resorted to contacting gaming publications to bring the entire fiasco to light. One user told Kotaku that the problem isn’t as simple as not being able to access the map packs. He wrote:

The really, really scary thing here is that because of the map pack being busted, no one can restore their game licenses on their PSN accounts. It causes an error.

What’s worse is that the issue is apparently plaguing Dying Light as well, with some users reporting that they can’t install the game’s season pass. It seems that this is all caused by pre-ordering games online and pre-loading them. Since users are allowed to pre-load games, content is locked until release day. Unfortunately, in case of Revelations 2, the maps reportedly remain locked. 

Both Sony and Capcom have made brief statements saying that they’re looking into the issue, but have not given any timescales for a resolution. In the meanwhile, users are reporting that they’re being refused refunds despite not having access to the content that they were promised. Oh dear!

Are any of our readers experiencing similar issues? Let us know.

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