PS4 Owners of Battlefield Hardline Ultimate Edition Unable to Access Criminal Activity DLC

Over on the Battlelog forum, owners of the PlayStation 4 version of Battlefield Hardline Ultimate Edition are reporting that they’re unable to access the Criminal Activity DLC. Those who own the Ultimate Edition, which costs $120, are supposed to have early access to DLC but apparently, the downloads are not being registered as valid purchases, and the issue seems to be plaguing digital versions.

Problems were reported as early as June 20, prompting Visceral to respond with an apology. Multiplayer producer Zach Mumbach said on the Battlelog forum that the team is “looking at all the digital versions on PS4 to make sure everyone can download.”

The issue still exists at the moment and there haven’t been any further updates from EA or Visceral regarding this. 

We’ll update our readers when more information becomes available. 

[Source: Battlelog via GameSpot]