Bloodborne Update 1.08 Is Live, Servers Are Back Online

After doing some emergency maintenance yesterday that could have seen the Bloodborne servers offline for days, Sony and From Software announced today that the servers are back online.

Additionally, you’ll be able to download Bloodborne update 1.08, which fixes issues with the NPC survivor state not being handed over properly.

Here’s Sony’s full statement on the server maintenance completion and update delivery:

The emergency server maintenance which occurred from yesterday (1-Dec, Tues, around 15:00) has been completed.

Also in regards to the issues like NPC survivor state not handed over properly which occurred in the previous update, we have provided a latest update (1.08) where such issues have been fixed.

We are deeply sorry to cause such inconvenience.

Please apply the latest update (1.08) and enjoy playing Bloodborne.

As for The Old Hunters DLC, we recently reviewed it, saying, “The Old Hunters improves upon the original Bloodborne in such a way that it makes a purchase compulsory for current owners of the game, and comes highly recommended for RPG fans who have yet to try it out.”

If you’ve been unable to access The Old Hunters after purchasing it, follow these steps:

Step 1

  1. Defeat the boss of the Cathedral Ward and examine the altar in the back of the room to change the in-game time to night.

Step 2

  1. Go to the Hunter’s Dream and receive the Eye of a Blood-drunk Hunter from a messenger.

Step 3

  1. Go to the Oedon Chapel and leave via the left-hand exit to enter the square.

Step 4

  1. Go to the right-hand end of the square to trigger an event. This event will take you to the new area: the Hunter’s Nightmare.
  2. Lighting the lamp in the new area will allow you to travel to and from the area via an Awakening Headstone in the Hunter’s Dream.

What do you think of The Old Hunters?

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