No Man’s Sky – Everything You Need to Know

Three years on from the grand unveiling No Man’s Sky, Hello Games’ awe-inspiring space title is finally — finally — teetering on the verge of its international bow.

It’s been a long time coming, of course. Throughout its prolonged stint in development, No Man’s Sky has generated enough hype and excitement to fuel the studio’s blue-sky thinking ten times over. Keeping up the space analogy, such fever-pitch anticipation proved to be the proverbial afterburners that kept the intimate team trucking along even when the going got tough — and in the four years spent crafting its impossibly big IP, the tough had to get going. 

That’s a journey we chronicled last week with The Road So Far. Now, it’s time to trade the past for the future, and ahead of Hello Games’ title launching on August 9, PSLS presents to you Everything You Need to Know about No Man’s Sky

In the gallery below, you’ll find a comprehensive overview of all things No Man’s Sky, with everything from crafting and trading to interstellar exploration being nudged into the limelight.

It’s finally time. Three years (and change) after that show-stopping VGAs reveal and No Man’s Sky is teetering on the edge of launch. It’s booked in to land on PS4s across North America and Europe on August 9 and August 10, respectively. PC players can expect Hello Games’ new IP to make the jump across a little later on August 12.

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