Just Cause 4 Gets a Stunning UltraWide 4K Panoramic Trailer

Avalanche Studios has outdone itself with the incredibly impressive Apex Engine, of that there is no doubt. Each of Just Cause 4‘s many trailers offer something, like a shot or a particle effect, worth oogling. However, the game’s latest trailer truly captures its sheer beauty. What ensures this new look at Just Cause supersedes the rest? A panoramic trailer in UltraWide 4K. Even if you don’t own the hardware to view the trailer in all its 4K glory, every moment is still unmistakably stunning.

Check out Just Cause 4’s panoramic trailer in the video below:

Just Cause 4 does not just aim to shock and awe players with gorgeous visuals. As with any other release in the series, fun and exploration rest at the heart of the experience. And, by all accounts, the game does offer a thrill ride of an experience, particularly when chaos ensues.

In addition to gorgeous graphics and an ambitious open-world, story serves as another of Just Cause 4’s central components. Thus far, Avalanche has shown off a glimpse into the mind of the game’s antagonist, Gabriela Morales. But series star Rico Rodriguez will receive ample character development as well, based on a recently released story trailer.

The wait to see where Just Cause goes next is nearly at an end. Rico Rodriguez’ forthcoming adventure arrives in stores for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on December 4, 2018.