Here’s How Just Cause 4 Lets Players Be Creative

Plenty has been said about Just Cause 4’s ambitious open-world, South American-inspired setting and its story. However, Avalanche is now unveiling how much freedom players will have. In a “deep dive” trailer, Avalanche details the scope of “player creativity” in the upcoming Just Cause 4. You should be able to tackle challenges however you see fit.

Venture deep into Rico’s latest adventure in the trailer below:

According to the trailer, players can tackle objectives in whichever order they prefer, story missions included. Therefore, player actions and “itinerary” determine their Solís-exploring adventures. It stands to reason, then, that not everyone will share the same Just Cause 4 experience.

This is especially true where gameplay is concerned. Apparently, Avalanche has built upon everything fans love about the series. For instance, the extreme weather system allows for gameplay experimentation, particularly with regards to Just Cause 4’s physics system. Additionally, players can fully customize Rico’s grapple “with boosters, air lifters, and tethers.” These three elements feature “tunable parameters,” meaning millions of possibilities for Rico’s loadout permutations.

Near the trailer’s end, a new “hardcore experience” is teased. New to the series, the Frontline is where “Solís’ rebels have gone to war against the Black Hand. In these war zones, players will experience high levels of heat and incredible fire power.” In our recent preview of Just Cause 4, we discuss what we know of Frontline. Yet, the overall structure of Frontline-centric content has yet to receive much detail.

For those wishing to learn more about Rico, Avalanche has provided the tools for that with its new emphasis on story. Exploring this side of the game is optional, but what’s been shown, thus far, seems promising. This time around, Rico has two goals–uncover what’s brought destruction to Solís and clear his family’s name. While Gabriela Morales and her private army, the Black Hand, will present numerous obstacles, we’re willing to bet Rico’s up to the task.

Just Cause 4 will hit the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on December 4, 2018.